Critical Observation Paper On Addiction

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Running Head: CRITICAL OBSERVATION Shonda Jackson Critical Observation Paper General Psychology Kelly Moffett December 28, 2010 Dealing with everyday life we as people encounters many different things. Many behaviors are exposed and when it is experienced within our social life we tends to have a different outlook. This paper will explain the psychological research of addiction and how it applies to the various aspects of social life. First addiction is a brain disorder depending on the degree of the addiction it may or may not be curable. People that suffer from addiction cannot control their need for this certain addiction. Addiction can be anything from food to drugs. When a person has an addiction many will go to the…show more content…
Too much of anything can produce an addiction whether its drugs, food, gambling, or even the internet. However the effect that alcohol and drugs produces can cause loss of productivity and physical dependence. Within addiction its primary feature is that the addict shows psychological dependence on the addiction and without the substance they are unable to maintain a normal life. When addicts become extremely dependant on drugs it causes loss of sense of reality and the withdrawal symptoms can cause a psychological change in the body resulting in pain or even medical…show more content…
They seem to not care about what is right or wrong. Everyone has rights regardless of any situation and an addict has the right to accept or decline treatment. Knowing their treatment plan is also essential. Counselors sometimes do not discuss the benefit of treatment but this will help the client feel more at ease. Sometimes they just need someone to listen and try to understand their point of view. Many people have a reason as to why they became an addict not saying that it is right but listening and not judging can help. Treatment can be cost effective so explaining to them and giving them resources to help them out can also be very helpful. Counselors are the most important people in the healing process because the client tends to trust them and will turn to them when everything else seems to

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