Critical Issues In Law Enforcement

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Critical Issues Kimberly E Bond CJS / 210 Sunday April 20, 2014 Ronald Meyer Critical Issues Law enforcement has evolved tremendously since early colonial times. Policing has become a paid profession with trained personnel's, modern police patrolling in cars has taken over the original foot patrol established in colonial times, and the communications between all levels of law enforcement have improved dramatically to name some examples. Although there are many improvements that have been made, as with other professions, there is still a factor of critical issues and relevant dangers that remain in today's modern law enforcement. Continually updating the training and education for law enforcement will help provide newer tactics…show more content…
The use of less-lethal weapons decreases the percentage of injuries obtained by officers and offenders alike. During the mid 19th century, law enforcement officers used wooden clubs, better known as batons, to control aggressive behavior and individuals who were out of control. The use of firearms came into the picture during the 1800's. Firearms were distributed to the officers as a response to the growing number of armed criminals. Today's law enforcement agencies have begun to become more proactive with less-lethal tactics and weapons to help combat criminal activity and lower the dangers for both the officers and offenders. The use of high-tech devices is gaining momentum as the new millennium progresses into the…show more content…
Although less-lethal weapons have become relevant to today's style of policing, this does not eliminate the threat of injury to either officer or the offender since this is always a chance. Through the development of technology, it is possible for law enforcement to use programs to process warrants, vehicle monitoring, identify an offender by their fingerprints through the Fingerprint Identification System, and Facial Recognition Software along with numerous other technical devices. Some of the forms of technological systems are available through the record management systems (RMS) and the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) to all levels of law enforcement making the jobs of officers a little more manageable with the growing number of criminal activity around the nation and worldwide. Officers are able to retrieve large amounts of data and information on a daily basis from something as basic as higher crime ridden areas to intelligence relevant to major criminal activity or possible terrorist attacks. The Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS), according to (Grant & Terry, 2008), "combined information from thirty-eight state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies into one website that can be accessed by registered police, court, and correctional

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