Critical Interpersonal Skill Essay

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(ASSIGNMENT 2: ESSAY 2) Write a structured essay that discusses three (3) interpersonal skills that you consider critical to effective conflict resolution. Include examples to illustrate your answer. Student: Andrew Hotschilt Student ID: 111307 Lecturer: Hilary Haugstetter Subject: International Communication in Business Course: Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management) Due Date: 19 April 2010 Word Count: 1898 Abstract Throughout this essay three primary skills: Empathy, Active Listening and Reframing are explored to develop their importance in relation to effective Conflict Resolution. Examples are provided to reveal how the application of these skills can be used to quell emotionally volatile negotiations. This study determines the significant roles of each skill as a founding function for resolving conflict. Table of Contents Abstract ________________________________________________________ ii Table of Contents_________________________________________________ iii Introduction________________________________________________ _____ 1 Empathy_____________________________________________________ ___ 2 Active Listening__________________________________________________ 3 Reframing___________________________________________________ ____6 Conclusion__________________________________________________ ____ 7 References__________________________________________________ ____ 9 Introduction Conflict resolution is the process involving change that seeks to resolve a presenting problem (Dwyer 2006, p. 153). Satisfactory resolutions of conflict require the simultaneous application of various specific skills which may be grouped under Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness and Interpersonal Competence. Emotional Intelligence encompasses the ability to “perceive, identify and manage

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