Critical Evaluation of the “Times of Zambia Newspaper” from 1932 to 2012 Essay

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Every newspaper is given credit when one analyses its editorial and news coverage. When we talk about editorial policy and its news, this carries some significance on whether the paper will delivery right information or not, one thing to note is that the Zambian media have never been constitutionally protected. Press freedom is not expressly guaranteed but is inferred from the general freedom of expression, which includes freedom to hold opinions, receive and impart and communicate ideas and information without interference, whether to the general public or to any person or class of persons. People do wonder as to whether a particular media institution provides news which has been cooked or not. To this reason this paper takes a critical view of Times of Zambia’s editorial policy and news when the paper was established until date. By the way The Times of Zambia is a national daily newspaper published in Lusaka, Zambia. Before Zambia’s independence, this newspaper was known firstly as The Copperbelt Times and then The Northern News. Copperbelt times was a brain child idea of two miners called E.C Wyterd and E.B Hovelmeier, the dual ran the paper for 11 years before it was called northern times in 1943. Though not much is known about Copperbelt times, some good information is laid up for Northern times. To state that the northern news was marely the new name of the old Copperbelt times , given to it when it was moved from Chingola to Ndola after the dual owners Wykerd and Hovelmeier were joined by a third party named Roywelensky, is true hence the assertion that Welensky started the paper. It’s important to note that the paper (Northern news) emerged at an awkward time when print paper in the country was in short supply. However, one important thing to note is that the paper managed to appear on 26th may 1943 with ambitious claim of“(covering) the country

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