Critical Evaluation of the Advantages/Disadvantages of a Cross Curricular Approach and Discrete Subject Based Approach to Teaching.

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Critical evaluation of the advantages/disadvantages of a cross curricular approach and discrete subject based approach to teaching. Introduction A teacher’s job is to encourage passion for learning and a fascination within children that heartens them as an individual, the curriculum is the tool designed to deliver this. Providing the utensils within the intellectual and social settings to encourage learning and growth as a person the curriculum has many outlines and has long been deliberated on numerous occasions, as we are on the brink of the latest version; it isn’t always what is being taught but how it’s being taught that is, for the most part, beneficial. As Savage (2011) queries should it be a cross curricular approach or a discrete subject based approach to teaching? The delivery of a cross curricular curriculum is one that overlaps and coincides classroom subjects with one another, Shoemaker (1989) identified that the endeavours to deliver he numerous strands to the curriculum entwined within a number of lessons to replicate real life. In agreement, Kerry (2011), in a case study, highlighted that cross curricular methods reflect the cross curricular characteristics of life. This overlap encourages the information learned in one circumstance to be a knowledge background in additional circumstances (Collins et al. 1989). To define cross curricular teaching, Shanahan (1997) describes that a cross curricular method is one of planning and establishing teaching around a thematic approach making it possible to amalgamate teaching across the core areas of the curriculum. In comparison, discrete subject teaching couldn’t be, to any further extent the opposite. Discrete subject teaching encompasses direction and a plethora of knowledge within a subject area to deliver the essential knowledge that children need to learn. The background of differing curriculum
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