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Cullen Conner Logic and Critical Thinking Dr. Boling 3rd, May 2013 Critical Essay This is a critical essay in response to the article by Sean Curtis, Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs. The author claims that cats are more preferable than a dog because they require less maintenance and are not as needy as their canine counterpart. Mr. Curtis presents his case with the following points, you only have to feed once a day, you don’t have to walk them in cold temperatures, they poop in one place, cats do not bark, and they do not jump on house guests. My belief is that the author provides contradictory premises and makes a hasty generalization without enough supporting evidence. The author begins his article by stating his love for canines. He gives several reasons why they make a better pet. However, the author quickly turns his attention to the negatives of ownership of a dog. He compares owning a dog to having children and how quickly they both change one’s lifestyle and restricts your level of freedom. The author offers five premises for his case of preferring felines to canines. The first reason why the author prefers cats to dogs is that cats only require to be fed once a day or every few days and that dogs need to eat as often as humans. The author explains that you can fill the cat’s bowl full of food and it will last throughout the day and possibly into the next. However, the author argues that if you were to treat the dog in the same light, most often the dog would over indulge and the owner would be “treated” to a mess. The second premise he offers is that cats do not require an early morning walk especially in freezing temperatures. He also claims that your dog is liken to an alarm clock and will wake you well before the morning sun has risen. The owner of the canine would not be able to enjoy sleeping in on the weekend. One must

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