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Clayton Holland Klein English 1302 21 April 2013 Critical Essay (A Rose for Emily) In a rose for Emily the main character is portrayed as white. Many people have a problem with this though. The main character in this story has to be set as either white or black. That’s a big factor that will play a humongous roll in the understanding of the story. Some readers portray her as black and some white. It has to be either or. There have been term papers turned in on how it could sway either way. Racial projection is what Romine Scott subjected it to. In a part of the critical essay written by Romine Scott he says they “pin the crime on the negro” (Romine). The story had no evidence to pin this murder on a Negro. That right there is evidence of racial projection. That happens in everyday life though. There’s no avoiding racial slurs, actions, or doings. Although, it happens everyday authors should do everything to avoid it in their work. That’s just unprofessional. Emily was a very arrogant woman. From a young age she felt as if she was superior to her peers. She got this feeling from the high status of her father. He was an important man, but truth be told without him Emily was just another nobody. When was one day promised by a general that she would not have to pay taxes due to her father’s military services. It is not known exactly how long this tax-free period was meant to last, however in Emily’s mind she felt as if it was supposed to be a lifetime reward. When she got old people would constantly come to her home to try to collect taxes from her and she constantly denied them. She felt as if she would be the one person in America who would be able to evade paying taxes. Her arrogance allowed her to feel as if she was better than everyone else. Another way to show the arrogance of Emily is the way she got the man of her dreams. There are a few men who had

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