Critical Discourse Analysis of a Newspaper-Article.

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Critical Discourse Analysis of a Newspaper-Article. In this paper I want to analyse the article “Nick Clegg in Nazi Slur” that appeared on 22nd of April 2010 in the Daily Mail with the help of Fairclough's Three-dimensional model. The first level of the model focuses on the text itself, like the choice of vocabulary and metaphors and the sentence structure, the second level with the Discourse Practice, the nature of text production, distribution and consumption in society and the final level with the Social Practice, how the text relates to power and ideological struggles.[1] The Daily Mail is a newspaper that has supported the Conservative Party nearly all the time during their history[2]. Several Daily Mail-articles also show a strong sceptiscism or even opposition to the European Union[3]. The article appeared on the day of the 2nd TV-debate between the party-leaders. After the 1st debate Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats had recieved a huge boast in popularity after the polls showed that he was considered the winner of the debate [4]. In the days after the debate the Liberal Democrates overtook the Labour Party in some opinion polls[5]. The article deals mainly with an article Nick Clegg wrote in 2002, in which he discusses anti-German prejudices in the UK[6]. Tim Shipman, the writer of the Daily Mail disagrees with Clegg's views and points out why. He also mentions, what he sees as questionable donations into Clegg's personal bank-account and accuses him of having done a U-Turn by first announcing that the Liberal-Democrats would only form a coalition with the Labour party if Gordon Brown resigned as prime-minister and later explaining that it was “not [his] job to decide who every party has as their leader”. Before the main article starts, a bullet-point list sums up the main topics of the article. The first one is “Under-fire Lib Dem leader

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