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Critical commetry of poetry "The flower" Essay

  • Submitted by: a7792373
  • on September 11, 2008
  • Category: English
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“The flower” begins as a light hearted story about a little girl straying away from home. As she strays further away from home, she finds herself facing the change from childhood to adulthood. The author has cleverly used different words and symbols in the passage to guide Myop’s change.
  The short story can be separated into two contrasting parts, each representing a different state of Myop. The first four paragraphs combine to describe Myop’s childhood state, emphasizing her innocence and naive nature. In these paragraphs the focus is mainly on showing the childhood in Myop’s character. Hence, the author has chosen to use a verity of words to show her nature. These details such as “the air held a keenness”, “golden surprise”, “excited little tremors” and that “she felt light and good in the worm sun”. These details are all positive expressions, showing the pure nature of the little girl. Also the first three paragraphs are devoted to setting the scene-describing Myop ("...her dark brown hand...") and putting her in context ("...her family's sharecropper cabin...", "...the spring, where her family got drinking water..."). Effective description provides credibility to the untouched environment. By describing the environment it combines with the descriptions of Myop’s feelings to create a cheerful, naïve and light hearted character, giving Myop the characteristics of a child.
  The fourth paragraph being the turning point in the short story consists of many symbolisms foregrounding later events. It describes Myop wondering off into the woods on a new path she just made. Here the “new path” foregrounds the major change in her life that is going to happen. The fact that Myop is “vaguely keeping an eye out for snakes” acts as a bad omen for later events as the snake represents evil and harm. Also the fact that she found “an armful of strange blue flowers” marks a significant change. This is because in earlier paragraphs the nature has always been beautiful and...

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  • Submitted by: a7792373
  • on September 11, 2008
  • Category: English
  • Length: 620 words
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