Critical Commentary: Miracle at Philadelphia

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CRITICAL COMMENTARY FORMAT DIRECTIONS: Type (double space); leave generous margins. Include the information specified below. Edit your drafts and keep a copy of your final effort. Final paper should be five pages for the commentary and one page for the bibliography. All critical commentaries must be submitted to You must bring the originality report to class. The paper is submitted and graded on line. You do not have to bring it to class. 1. Give the bibliographic data for all resources using the MLA format. Have a separate page for bibliographic data at the end of your commentary. One of your sources is automatically the book assigned for commentary. You must have five sources total. Internet sources are acceptable, except for Wikipedia. Place your name and class period on the top right hand corner of the first page. Titles are optional. 2. Describe the book assigned in general terms. What subject does it cover? What years does it span? You may include outside reviews and interpretations of the work assigned in your commentary. 3. Identify the major thesis of the book. The thesis would reflect the author’s general point of view or belief. 4. Explain the author’s main contentions and briefly discuss them using concrete evidence from the book. This may be in short quotes or in paraphrasing points. You may use outside reviews and commentaries to reinforce your interpretation. 5. Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the work assigned. Again, you may use outside sources to illustrate your analysis. You may use short quotes from your sources as needed. AVOID lengthy quotation. 6. Address the following: a. How does the book change our conception of the author’s particular topic? b. What do you consider to be doubtful or biased points? c. Does the author

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