Critical and Creative Thinking in Society Short Essays

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Critical and Creative Thinking in Society Short Essays A public interest in which critical and or creative thought could have been used for a better outcome is the situation of 16 year old Jada from Houston Texas. Jada says she was attack at a friend’s home where she was invited from friends at her high school. Jada claims the teenage boys who were hosting the party gave her punch to drink. She believes it was spiked with a drug. The young girl claims she passed out at the party and had no idea about what happened until her classmates started sharing tweets, photos and videos on social media. In this circumstances it was most important to think critically and creatively. The young lady should have had a battle buddy with her. She also should have never accepted a drink from a boy she hardly knew, she should have made it herself. Her parents should have spoken to the boy parents and made sure they would be present at the party. I’m not blaming her for what happen. The boys who played a part in the sexual assault is very much guilty. I’m just saying we need to think long and hard about the decision we make and how can we choose better ones. Part 2 Free will is the power of independent action and choice: the ability to act or make choices as a free and autonomous being and not solely as a result of compulsion or predestination. If a situations arise, you have the free will to critically assess the situation and make your own decision. Truth is something factual: the thing that corresponds to fact or reality. After critically assess a situation the outcome should always be the truth. Knowledge is information in mind: general awareness or possession of information, facts, ideas, truths, or principles. Knowledge is the key to every critical situation. You have to know

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