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Critical Analysis The video we watched last class showed two people giving a speech President John Hennessy and Steve Jobs. This event took place in Stanford’s University’s 114th commencement on a Sunday June 12, 2005. Stanford University selected Steve Jobs to make the commencement speech. Mr. Jobs speech goal is to not only motivate the graduate but to persuade them to keep moving forward. To be an example that anything can be done. President John Hennessy starts the speech in front of students who were currently graduating at the time. He introduced Steven Jobs, the CEO of Apple computer and of Pixar Animation Studios. President John Hennessey makes a brief bio of Steve Jobs accomplishment in life. He makes his speech to tell Mr. Jobs accomplishment chronologically from the beginning of his accomplishments to the end. While giving his speech he is professionally speaking and standing tall like the respected guy he is. He uses eye contact and is brief with his speech. He is stating why Mr. Jobs was elected for the commencement speech and why he is a honorable man. Steve Jobs was honored to be chosen as the year commencement speaker of Stanford University. In front of the graduate he says his speech in a motivational way. Standing tall with a good posture. Makes good eye contact and uses a clear loud voice. His speech is a motivational speech to those who just graduated to keep going forward in what they want to accomplish. His stories explain how you need to follow your heart to be that person that you want to be. He tells three stories in his speech. His first story is about connecting the dots. His second story is about love and loss. His last story is about death. All this stories connect at the end of how life events just happen to you. You can’t connect the dots looking forward only backwards as he states. “Again, you can't connect the dots looking

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