Critical Analysis On Kidnapped

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Critical Analysis on Kidnapped Kidnapped was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. Stevenson based his novel on a lot of things that had been going on back in that time. The motifs he uses are all alluding to things going on around the world and in Scotland in the eighteenth century, like the differences of the Lowlands from the Highlands in Scotland, and the different views of the Jacobites verses the Whigs. Robert Louis Stevenson writes in a past tense form, making it sound as if the things goings on in the novel had just happened. However the way he does that gives the book a better tone for its adventure side, because it is a historical novel with some adventure. The novel focuses mainly on David Balfour, who, at the beginning, is a seventeen year old boy whose father had just died leaving him an orphan. Upon this tragic event happening, David sets out to find his uncle, Ebenezer Balfour. Ebenezer was not nice to David, but he did want David to keep staying with him. Then, one day a cabin boy from the ship the Covenant comes to talk to Ebenezer, and so David and his uncle end up going to this ship. There David is kidnapped and held captive. While on the boat, David meets another man that they have taken captive. His name is Alan Breck Stewart. Alan and David fight off some of the men who were on the boat, and when the boat sinks they survive together. The two of them become very loyal friends and run together after they are blamed for the murder of Colin Campbell. As they are on the run, their friendship is tested many times by different events that happen. In the end David meets with his lawyer, and with his and Alan’s help they scam Ebenezer to give David his rightful fortune. Kidnapped shows the story of a seventeen year old boy growing up into being a man, and it shows all the trouble that he had to go through before he could finally
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