Critical Analysis of "She's Falling Appart"

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Critical analysis In this essay I will critically analyse a song by Lisa Loeb called “she’s falling apart,” and also an art piece named “forest of forks” by Michael woloschinow. I will compare and contrast the art forms and explore the good and bad points of both pieces. I will firstly analyse “She’s falling apart” by Lisa Loeb. This song’s genre is pop but it is sung in ballad style. Lisa Loeb was born on March 11th 1968; she is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She writes all her own songs and sings them with the accompaniment of her own guitar. She was the first American artist to have a number one single without an official recording contract with her song “stay (I missed you)” she now has other work including music, film, television, voice-over work and children’s recordings. “She’s falling apart” is about a girl suffering from the eating disorder, Bulimia. The lyrics show the effect the condition has on the girl suffering and her family. The song has a strong message that comes across clearly when you hear it, the message it is trying to communicate is, Look out for the signs of an eating disorder before it destroys someone you loves life. I think this song could have been influenced by personal experience dealing with Bulimia; it could be that she has suffered with it herself or that someone close to her has had an encounter with it. The target audience in my opinion would be young girls and women probably between the ages of thirteen and thirty because this is the most common age group to suffer from eating disorders and the main purpose of the song seems like it is to raise awareness of bulimia. The line in the song that says “she stares at the food on her plate” Key words in the song are the ones that convey the most emotion when you read them as lyrics. Words and phrases such as “she pushes away” and “she’s falling apart” tend to stick in

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