Critical Analysis of Emotional Advertising Techniques

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Critical Analysis of Emotional Advertising Techniques ( Coursework 2 ) Simon Burke Principles of Marketing ( 270MKT ) 5th March 2010 Contents Executive Summary Page 3 Introduction Page 3 What is emotion ? Page 3 Emotion in Advertising Page 4 Fear in Advertising Page 4 Sex in Advertising Page 5 Humour in Advertising Page 6 Conclusion Page 6 Recommendations Page 6 Sources Page 7 1. Executive Summary This report will, through the review of academic research, discuss the techniques and outline the positive and negative aspects of emotion based advertising particularly when utilising sex, humour and fear. The report will make conclusions based upon this review and will publish recommendations for using these techniques. 2. Introduction The use of emotion based advertising techniques is established and well understood with large amounts of empirical data and academic research available. This report will attempt, through a review of academic journals, to understand the techniques used when employing emotions associated with fear, sex and humour. The research has used academic journals available on line via the University of Coventry’s eLibrary. 3. What is Emotion ? Although we all experience emotion, it has been difficult to define exactly what emotion is. At a basic level we can categorise emotions into either positive ( happy, strong, involved ) or negative ( sad, lonely, weak ) and within these categories there are degrees of emotion, but to list all of these emotions and differing degrees would be an endless task. What is understood about emotion is that it is a reaction to an external or, sometimes, an internal or perceived stimulus. This reaction has evolved over the
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