Critical Analysis Of Don T Blame The Eater

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Essay responding to the articles of Radly Balko and David Zinczenko In the reading “ Don`t blame the eater “ David Zinczenko talks about obesity, growing as a result of fast food eating and he argues about whose responsibility this is . Is it the food company`s responsibility for not providing accurate nutrition information, or is the costumer`s responsibility, especially teenagers, for eating fast food meals on a daily basis ? David Zinczenko relates himself to these kids by telling about his personal experience and how the separation of his parents affected his lifestyle by making fast food his only available option to get affordable meals. Another reason that makes people become more addicted to fast food, other than…show more content…
As shown by the statistics that he presents, Type 2 diabetes has greatly increased lately as a result of obesity , which has led to the spending of an incredible amount of money towards its treatment. Basically the message that David Zinczenko passes through this article is that things have to change in order to decrease the negative health and economically related problems. We collectively need to do something about it. On the other hand, Radly Balko , the author of the article “ What you eat is your business “ presents the issue from a totally different point of view. Just by reading the title of the article we can tell his position which is more about personal responsibility rather than collective. He is against the fact that government should take measures to prevent obesity. He believes that this is not the right way to fight it. According to Radly Balko is best to consider obesity as a private matter not public. He believes that people would be more responsible if they had to pay for the consequences of their own acts. Although I agree with Radly Balko on personal responsibility, I cannot accept his

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