Critical Analysis Of Annabel Lee

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The poem Annabel Lee has become one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most popular works. This poem was published the same year as his death in 1849. Many believe that “Annabel Lee” was in real life Poe’s wife that had passed away. This poem is about a wonderful, but yet painful memory that is never ending to the narrator. The poem states that they marry young, making their love everlasting. They had such passion for each other that even the angels did not like this. The narrator goes over in detail how wonderful Annabel Lee was and still is in his mind. He even says that he worships her as well. Poe’s life at the time he wrote this poem was at a very fragile state. It seems to be that he was in a depressed like state which led him to write this poem. Poe includes sea phrases and kingdom as if it implies that while the narrator and Annabel where together, it was peaceful, wonderful, and an all-powerful time of his life. In the poem the statement “Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee”, refers to the angels having so much jealously they end up killing Annabel Lee. The poem gives detail saying that there love was so strong that even their souls were intertwined. Annabel Lee reminds the narrator of everything in his life. The poem also implies that he lies by her tomb by the sea, suggesting that he cannot move on with his life after the death of Annabel Lee. After the death of his Annabel Lee, he becomes in such a state of misery. He wishes that his life can turn around and become reunited with his Annabel Lee. Annabel Lee is the love of his life, his everything, and his world. The love of the narrator and Annabel Lee is the main topic and it surrounds this entire poem. Beside Annabel Lee passing away, this poem could be a remarkable ideal concept for strong emotional relationships, which is in much need of in today’s society. This poem is a horrible but
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