Critical Analysis: Jamie Oliver

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Ear 1 Elizabeth Ear 997569764 Communications 1 27 April 2015 Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child About Food Two of the most important things in Jamie Oliver’s life would be his passion for food and his four children. As a chef and activist, Jamie is responsible for many campaigns and foundations, for example, Fifteen Foundation. He started this foundation because he believes that young people have untapped talents, often hidden by problems in their home lives. He believes that these talents can be set free by hard work and good cooking. For the last seven years he’s devoted his life to saving lives, not in the conventional way but rather in an educational way. Thus, this program trains young chefs from challenged backgrounds to run four of his acclaimed restaurants. Additionally, Jamie strives to bring attention to the changes that Americans need to make in their lifestyles and diet to create change on both the individual and governmental level. Jamie’s Ted Talk was to inform thousands of people about one of the biggest issues society has today, obesity. He tackles that issue with something so simple and reasonable, that is, teaching our kids about food. In order to convince his audience that obesity was a serious and rising matter, Jamie used ethical appeal. We tend to believe people whom we respect and like. Accordingly, he accomplished his credibility in a variety of ways. First, Jamie started his presentation with a bunch of scary statistics about obesity such as: within the next 18 minutes, four Americans will Ear 2 be dead from the foods they eat. All of the statistics that Jamie told were points that he felt would shock the audience and grab their attention. They were informational, true and had the ability to make an impact. Secondly, Jamie repeatedly expresses that obesity is preventable

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