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Running head: Critical Analysis: Barclays Bank. Critical Analysis: Barclays Bank Liberty University BUSI 606, Global Financial Markets Dr. William Cheng October 13, 2009 Abstract Barclays Bank is a global bank that offers services that include retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management, and investment management (Barclays, 2009). Barclays Bank has been in operation for over 300 years and has a presence in over 50 countries. Critical Analysis: Barclays Bank Practice Barclays Bank is made up of three primary areas of business. The first area is Global Retail and Commercial Banking (GRCB) which supports companies that conduct business internationally or are based out of the United Kingdom and have a presence overseas. According to the Barclays Commercial website (2009), the GRCB operates in and supports more than 20 countries. The next area of business is the Investment Banking and Investment Management (IBIM) and this area offers financial planning services as well as stockbrokers to assist customers. Barclays’ financial planning services also assist with retirement accounts and inheritance planning. The Barclays Stockbrokers are the “UK’s No 1 Stockbroker, offering one of the widest ranges of investment products on the market (Barclays Investments, 2009). The final primary area is the Group Centre (GC) which oversees all support functions for Barclays. The GC employs thousands of people throughout the world to provide expert decisions and planning. Global Retail and Commercial Banking Barclays GRCB division controls the “global retail and commercial business interests, including Barclaycard” and the commercial side generated 29% of “Barclay’s total profits in 2008” (Passport to Barclays, 2009). The Barclaycard is one of the world’s leading branded credit cards and is accepted in

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