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A simple approach to find literature This essay is a decisive scrutiny of two articles that I found interesting. The articles are titled ‘Is Google making us stupid?’ and ‘Girl Unprotected’. This text summarizes each article, states their theses and key points, and analyze whether or not the authors achieved the goal for which the essays were written. The first article under analysis was authored by Nicholas Carr, titled ‘Is Google making us stupid?’ As hinted in the catchy title, the author examines the negative aspects of the ease of finding information on the Internet presents. He praises the internet as a conduit of immense, imperishable information but in the same place criticizes it for changing the world’s reading culture, particularly his own. Nicholas Carr tells of a time of when he would get lost in literature. He is keen about his lost ability of digging through extensive manuscripts for hours on end without losing the track of time. Presently, he describes the ability as fleeting; his concentration considerably diminished. He blames the events on the ease of access to information provided by the internet. Sure he clearly states that the Internet has been instrumental to him as a writer, but its quick links draw him to a large amount of pages within minutes of logging in. He is certain that his mind has been altered and by the end of the article, it is practically infeasible not to acknowledge his point of view. To further his theme, the author includes several studies that have been conducted on the same matter. Surveys so far seem to be proving his thesis. He also conducted interviews with his friends. He has pored through relative literature and has even quoted ‘Space Odyssey’ as an example for his thesis. He includes his knowledge source in the writing and goes on to elaborate on his findings. As per his research, indeed avid internet users are

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