Critical Analsys of Steamboat Willie Essay

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Title: Steamboat Willie Producer: Walt Disney Director: Ub Iwerks Stars: Walt Disney Year: 1928 The short film steamboat is an awesome short film, it first starts out with a big steamboat chugging and chugging in the water. The smoke stacks are doing an up and down movement to blow out the big puffs of smoke. Now first appears mickey being the captain of the boat, shacking his hips dancing to the music and he begins to whistle the same tune. Then to addition to his whistling he pulls the boats horn whistles. When he does this it shows the steam whistles almost life like reactions. They blow the tune of the song going from biggest down to the smallest whistle of the three and as if the third whistle forgot to do his part, the two bigger whistles act like they are in shock and smack the little whistle to do his turn. Back to Mickey still dancing and behind him come this big huge cat like creature, and his entire hand wraps around Mickeys stomach and pulls but instead of Mickey being pulled his stomach just stretches out like a rubber band and just lays out on the floor. Mickey knowing he’s in trouble for steering the boat picks up his stomach and bunches it back together and leaves, but before he leaves he turns to give the big guy a nasty stick out of the tongue. The big guy sees this turns and tries to kick Mickey but misses and his leg goes all the way around over his head and kick himself in the butt. Now the big buy thinking he’s all tough and mighty picks us chest up and chews some chewing tobacco and spits it into the wind causing it to perfectly come back and hit the bell, thinking its funny he does it again expecting the same reaction this time instead it hits him in the face and gets all over. Now the scene changes to on shore what looks like a dock. Where there are some animals sitting there. A couple chickens and a very thin cow

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