Critic Review: Saving Private Ryan

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Randall Hansen Comm. Artists W-1 Critic Review: Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan may be just one of the most amazing action-drama films I have ever seen. It provides beautiful cinematography, great perspective, and terrific acting, lead by none other than Tom Hanks. I love the reality of the action in the movie and how I really felt the emotion of everything happening around the group of soldiers that we are focused on. Like all movies there is a focus, and the group of soldiers, mainly Tom Hanks’ character, are whose footsteps we follow through throughout the movie. This film is based off of true historical events, as most of us know, World War II and how incredibly gruesome it was, of how the soldiers fought and died and how they coped with what they went through. At the beginning of the movie, we see an old man walking through a maze of graves, obviously from the war, but we do not know who this man is and whose grave he is looking for. Then we see a heavy number of combat-boats carrying soldiers, and we can sense the tension of almost what exactly is going on. We see soldiers of many ages; almost all have faces filled with fear and anxiety while some are vomiting or praying. And almost suddenly action erupts, starting at a very high level and growing. It was great knowing that the director didn’t leave out any detail of the grim reality of the entire D-Day scene. It was made out to what it actually was, packed with emotion and perspective of not only us, but the antagonists (the German army). Then our focus starts to adjust to a limited number of the soldiers who are continuing to show up on the camera. The group soon begins to become protagonists along with Tom Hanks. We go through the movie through the perspective of this group of men and their travel to search for another soldier, Private James Ryan. So it became more emotional when one of the

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