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Critic Ann Hornaday, calls “What Just Happened” “Outright Hilarious!”(blurb) Two thumbs up for the movie. In her review she describes how Robert De Niro is the main attraction, giving the movie flavor and comedy. Ann Hornaday highly recommends the movie to those interested in highly comical movies. Describing over and over how the movie gets more and more amusing as it rolls on through the screen. It seems as if the critic loved the movie, she was totally amused by the film. Hornaday reminisces about the start of the movie, stating “Sean Penn take a hilarious stunt-roll down a pile of gravel and die in a hail of bullets…” (review). That shows that from first scenes the movie was very comical, and dramatic. The blurb highly describes exactly what the critic was thinking. Ann Hornaday puts exactly what is on the blurb in various parts of her review. Over and over stating how extremely funny and hilarious the movie was, and how good of an act Robert De Niro put on throughout the movie. The blurb is written in all capital letters, to truly show that the movie is contagiously funny. Besides all the letters being capitalized in the blurb they are all bolded. Putting forth more of a meaning to readers interested in watching the movie, wondering how funny it actually is. Advertising like that, gives movie watchers a sense of curiosity to find out if the movie honestly is as funny as described by critic. The phrases listed on the blurb, don’t just describe one part of the movie, but the entire movie was “SCATHINGLY FUNNY.”(Blurb) The blurb quotes how funny the movie is. Not from just one critic, but from two. Making the movie more appealing to those interested in it. By using more than one critic, whom have the same opinion, it shows a condescending theme of the movie. Christian Rainer of “Christian Science Monitor” calls the movie “awfully funny” (blurb) to show that

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