Criteria Diploma in Counselling

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Analyse and evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of their preferred or natural style. I feel I use a humanistic approach to counselling, I feel my main practice is Person Centred and my core training is PCT based but during my work with child care and development I have also learned about other approaches such as Gestalt and Solution Focussed Therapy and find when appropriate these are useful to integrate into practice. I find Gestalt’s empty chair theory very helpful where a client has to consider what they could say to someone else and then explore what that person could say to them, being active and creative in their exploration can increase the client’s awareness and enable them to gain a better insight into possible outcomes, I also find this blends well when used with PCT. The use of buttons or marbles in therapy is also a useful integrative tool; it can be used where it would be helpful to the client to analyse and evaluate how they are placed within a given situation to represent themselves and/or others and gives a very graphic illustration of how moving one element of life can affect others. This technique can be integrated into many different counselling methods such as PCT, Solution Focussed Therapy and I have used it with a client who had anger issues and how their anger affected others around them, it can be used for further exploration, discussion, identification as well as enabling the client to use a differing media when they are struggling with an issue and the effects of change. Ultimately designing an integrative approach to counselling takes time, reflection, and practice. As a counsellor it is essential to be aware of self, as a creative person who finds art and crafts including clay therapeutic I would like to, at some point begin to integrate these medias into my counselling practice. In developing a therapeutic approach it is

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