Criteria A Of Making a Vending Machine Essay

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Criteria A Outline of the Problem: In the village, the literacy rate is way below average because people lack stationary. So if I manage to make a vending machine in Bangladesh’s village. People will increase their interest and buy stationary for a small amount of money and will start studying! There is no stationary store in the village and if I am able to make one people will study. One major problem being faced is the lack of knowledge in the general public. If there is a good stationary store there it would lead to an increase in literacy rate as they would not cause problems in the future. If one person out of two is educated and literate it would make a huge impact in the society and make a great improvement in his or her life. I will make an effective vending machine, which will contain all the stationary’s and reduce the amount of literacy rate in Bangladesh. To do this I will have to make a vending machine containing all the stationary’s in the world. Targeted Audience: I will target all the age groups, all sorts of genders because literacy rate cannot be in a country anymore, since Bangladesh is a less economically developed country I will take a step and take our country to a next level of literacy and development. People will be interested to study for the betterment of their quality of life and the betterment of the country. Targeting audience of a village without school and stationary’s. Importance and Area of Interaction: Approaches to Learning, Human Ingenuity, Community and Service It certainly makes an impact to the population’s approaches to learning and if they learn then they will be able to improve their quality of life, which will make an impact on human ingenuity, and of course I am doing something for the community brining them together to study and make them educated. Design Brief: I will make a vending machine that

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