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CRISIS STAFF APPLICATION PREAMBLE PREAMBLE OPEN TO MIIIs - SVIs ONLY. SOMA Crisis is composed of two committees, wherein the delegates are then split into two opposing sides of a conflict and placed in different rooms. They send directives describing their desired actions to the Crisis Staff, who then play God in the simulation, decide the outcome of any given situation, and thereby change the course of history. As a member of Crisis Staff, you will be expected to facilitate this highly detailed and intense historical simulation for a set of delegates at the Southern Ontario Model Assembly. Facilitating a Crisis require many skill sets from many different people. Here are just a few of the different kinds of people we need to run a crisis: • History buffs and book worms • A drama queen or comedian • Serguei Ianine’s protégé (strong programming background) • The next Sun Tzu (master military strategist) • Orators and debaters • … and more! The Crises for this year are the War of the Roses and the Mongol Invasion of China. APPLICATION APPLICATION Name: Grade: 1. Why do you want to be on the SOMA Crisis Staff Team? Why should we pick you? (250 words) 2. List your other commitments this year in point form. 3. Briefly answer the following questions (1-2 sentence answers are fine): a) In the time period of both crises, what is the best type of combat troop to send on reconnaissance missions? b) In what type of situations would longbows be more effective than cavalry? Explain. 4. In the Battle of Dieppe in the Second World War, the Allied forces failed miserably. If you were in their place, what would you do differently? (250 words) 5. Please attach a writing sample from any UTS course that demonstrates the thoroughness of your research and how analytical and insightful you are. The sample must be a

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