Crisis Management Communication Plan

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Crisis Management Communication Plan
Jennifer Callahan
February 25, 2013
David Catoe

Crisis Management Communication Plan *
The health care system is responsible for preparing for a potential crisis on a local, multistate, and national level. Crisis may include national multistate disease outbreak investigation or environmental crisis, unknown infectious agent with potential to spread to the United States, site-specific, and bio and chemical terrorism. (Reynolds, 2002). Communication dynamics change during this time as stress levels increase. Hospitals can prepare a plan ahead of time to resolve potential communication challenges.
In California, earthquakes are a real threat. They can occur anytime, without warning. “A clear understanding of roles and procedures is critical to helping individuals manage stress. Training and preparedness in incident management procedures is therefore key to stress management” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2005, p. 7). To be prepared, Caltech instituted the great ShakeOut. This is a practice drill, done annually, to practice how to handle a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Several schools, hospitals, and community organizations participate. At 10:00 AM, participants drop, cover, and hold for 120 seconds. This mock simulation lasts from 10:00 to 4:00 PM. Participants have the opportunity to triage acting victims, including administering first-aid. Search and rescue teams search for victims in “destroyed” buildings. The communication networks and ability to secure supplies, such as first-aid supplies and water, are tested. As a nurse for Kaiser Permanente, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the ShakeOut every year. My first experience role-playing in the ShakeOut was as a nursing student. It was exciting to see everyone working together and feel in control of the situation.

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