Crisis Management Communication Essay

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Crisis Management Communication University of Phoenix October 17, 2013 According to the Institute of Medicine, most bad outcomes for patients come from medical errors that are attributed to systems, processes, and condition failures. Most of these medical failures happen during times of crisis and highly stressful events. There are many reasons behind these errors but in the medical field they are mostly related to stress, fatigue, poor communication and these are more likely to happen during a crisis. For these reasons it is very important to have a crisis management plan in place at hospitals. There are many different types of crisis that can occur in the hospital setting. There can be a crisis that is contained inside the hospital such as equipment failure or structural damage to the building. There can be man-made and natural disasters outside of the hospital that causes mass influx of people to be taken to the hospital. In these times of crisis there must be a plan in place, everyone should know what the plan is and be able to follow through with such. During a time of crisis, communication dynamics may be different than such used on the everyday communication. Part of the crisis management plan should address this change in communication dynamics. In a time of a disaster there will probably be mass chaos around the entire hospital, but it is important that the entire staff stays calm to make everyone else feel more at ease. If the doctors and nursing staff seem to be unorganized, then everyone will panic more and make things worse. In the hospital where I work, everyone on staff has a personal two way pager called a Vocera, the Vocera clips to their shirt or scrub. This device works very well when communicating among coworkers. This piece of technology is a great way to help the communication process during a crisis because you can call anyone

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