Crisis in Thailand Essay

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CRISIS IN THAILAND Crisis in Thailand has been one of the most interesting issue in this time. The crisis starting since 2006. In that time, Thaksin Shinawatra became Prime Minister of Thailand from 2001 until 2006. And in 2006 he was overthrown in a military coup. He was returned to Thailand in 2008 but he was convicted by a Thai court of corruption and two years in prison over a controversial land deal. Courts have also frozen billions of dollars of his assets, but he is believed to still have a great deal of money held elsewhere. While he technically plays no part in the current political situation, the truth is Thaksin is never far from the Thailand’s political situation. Communicating by social media and video messages. With his younger sister in power since 2011, his influence remains strong eventhough his sister say that she was independent. Now the protest is still on going in Bangkok, Thailand. The protest trigger by the amnesty bill that would have nullified former Prime Minister Thaksin's corruption conviction and would have allowed him to return to Thailand after a self-imposed exile without facing an existing conviction. (He’s been stalking by the policians and most recently in Dubai) The bill was passed by the Pheu Thai Party – dominated House of Representatives on 1 November 2013, and sparked opposition from both the Democrat Party and the pro-government Red Shirt movement. Opposition also attacked the government for passing the vote by in an unusual pre-dawn session on 1 November. Thaksin's opponents protested against clearing Thaksin of his convictions, while Thaksin supporters criticized the bill for absolving those responsible for the crackdown of the 2010 protests. On 4 November 2013, multiple protests took place throughout Bangkok, as well as in several provincial cities. Several universities and organizations issued statements condemning the

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