Crisis Communications Essay

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Crisis Communications 1 Abstract No matter what kind of organization you are involved with, whether it is a small business, large corporation, non-profit organization, or government agency it is prone to crises. Most people do not want to believe it, but there is a crisis in everyone’s future. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but some day it will happen and the big question is… Are you prepared? Key Terms: Crisis Communications Organization Plan Media Public Crisis Communications 2 Crisis Communications What kind of crises is your organization prone to? What repercussions can it cause? What will you tell the media? Who will you tell, and what will you need to tell them? It does not matter whether it is an act of GOD, a robbery, or scandal crises can happen to any organization. Handling communications properly in the event of a crisis can determine whether your organization will survive or not. Last minute decisions can devastate a company. There is no time to plan or organize when a crisis hits. Having a Crisis Communication Plan in place and practicing that plan can save your organization when a crisis hits, but what is a Crisis Communication Plan? A crisis as is defined as a “condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change. “ (Dictionary) A crisis can take many forms. It can be anything and come from within your organization or from an act of GOD. Crisis communications are broken into two primary categories; intentional and unintentional crisis. Intentional crises are those are

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