Crisis Communication Plan

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Crisis Communication Plan HCS/350 February 24, 2013 Crisis Communication Plan Communication in a crisis is crucial. A crisis communication plan needs support from everyone involved in the crisis team. When crisis strikes, an organization can be plunged into turmoil (Rea, 2012). A plan needs quick access to telephone numbers, and support team members. Communication may differ from different situations, and a plan needs to outline stress management and communication challenge resolutions. Communication Dynamics Communication dynamics may differ in times of crisis, mass trauma, or disaster depending on the situation and the severity of the event. A crucial aspect of preparedness is the ability to receive and communicate information rapidly (Katz, 2013). In a crisis event people may lose sight of people in the surroundings and forget to communicate what they need. In a crisis, people are focused on the event and how they are going to solve it. A crisis may not need outside help or support if they are capable of solving the issue. In the event of mass trauma communication may get lost in the hustle and bustle going on around them. There needs to be a strong support person or support team in place to help with a mass trauma situation. In this situation, they need clear communication in where the trauma is going and who is going to help with it. In a disaster situation there should be communication coming from your local government and the plan of action that needs to take place. They have certain rules and regulations that need to be followed and areas that are set up to help communicate with local hospitals and emergency personal. A plan must provide for timely, accurate and helpful messages (Ferrante, 2010). Reducing Stress During a Crisis Stress represents a natural physiologic, psychological, and spiritual response to the presence of a

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