Crisis Communication Essay

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C. Communication Excellent crisis management cannot exist without excellent communication. Therefore, it is important for the organization to communicate adequately with various audiences so that they will get more than enough information. There are 3 stages of communication which are before, during and after crisis, that will be discussed in detailed on how Mattel communicate and deliver its messages to the audiences during these 3 phases of crisis. Stage 1: Messages and flow of communication before the crisis Recall “Voluntary” It is a good move for Mattel to implement the Fast track program with Consumer Safety Product commission because the program allowed the company to voluntary recall the products. The term “voluntary” to recall the potential harmful product that reported in every media can be positively viewed by public as responsible organization that concern of their customer’s safety. Besides that, working with authority commission to disseminate information such as joint press conference able to create the image of transparency in the eyes of public and convey the message “I have nothing to hide.” Attitudes towards Children Safety In the recall of November 2006, Mattel does not implement any communication plan to communicate with the customers about the safety of toys. It just keeps silent since the recall incident in November 2006 was not get as much attention as recall crisis in 2007. It is bad for a global toys company to do that because as a toys company it has responsibility to communicate with its customers. Mattel should communicate with customers on what is happens and what they can do in order to ensure the safety of children. Besides that, Mattel should also inform and explain what actions it will implement to avoid harmful toys sell on market. But Mattel does not communicate with customers with all these necessary information. Stage

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