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Criminology In The Future Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Criminology in the future
Criminology has grown, changed, and advanced in the past few years.   Criminology of the future will evolve as current technology evolves and advances.   Future advancements will allow criminology to determine civil liberty and ethical violations, as technology is and will become more of a vital element in law enforcement.   Evolving technologies will not only solve cases current or conclude why a person randomly murdered a family of five, but also solve cold cases and also provide a more in-depth look at why people murder for and how their brain functions.   The thoughts and practices in criminology will further expand as different crime-fighting methodologies and the directions of crime fighting provide various methods of detecting criminal activities.
The future directions of crime fighting is determined by many factors, how rapidly technology grows and how easily accessible is the technology to the general public. What if the criminal justice system established x-ray devices in malls to search for weapons and contraband would this violate the American Constitutional values or what if police drove by houses with hand held devices that could see through walls inside one’s home. Is American willing to accept the intrusion into American lives because technology has unable people to do so the Supreme Court must weigh the government and the individual wellbeing during this transition? According to "Kyllo Vs United States"(2001), "Suspicious that marijuana was being grown in petitioner Kyllo's home in a triplex, agents used a thermal imaging device to scan the triplex to determine if the amount of heat emanating from it was consistent with the high-intensity lamps typically used for indoor marijuana growth.” (para. 1). The question the Supreme Court answered is was there a search into Kyllo’s home and if so was a warrant required or was no search performed and; therefore, no warrant required. The Supreme Court decided that there was a...

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