Criminology Essay

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First degree murder, when the offender plans to kill a person and acts on that plan. Like if someone intentionally sets fire to a building and people die in the fire, it is considered first murder. Second degree murder, when the offender just means to injure the victim not kill. Like when a someone shoots a person only meaning to injure them but they die. The unlawful taking of a another’s property from their possession. Taking someone’s purse from their table while they’re not looking. Serial murders are three or more murders committed by same offender, on separate occasions. Mass murders are three or more victims murdered on the same occasion. For serial murders the murders have to be committed on at least three separate occasions. A mass murder is one occasion with at least three victims. Aggravated assault, and simple assault. Aggravated assault is an unlawful attack on another person with the intent of severe injury. Simple assault is an unlawful attack without a weapon, where the victim is not severely injured. The willful burning(or attempt to burn) a residential building, vehicle, commercial property or personal property of someone. Only fires reported as arson are reported to agencies, fires that are suspicious but the cause was never determined are not reported. I think it’s because they want something they can’t afford and the opportunity to take it might come up(if the person working is in another room). I think it’s just the want of whatever they take. The media is looking for the attention of people so they will listen or read, murder will draw people attention. I think this might put people in a paranoid state, because they think there is greater chance of them being murdered then there actually is. Not very likely, because there are not many valuable things to take in my house. If someone breaks they won’t find anything valuable. Arson is not

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