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Death by Design (Name) (Course) (Professor) (University) (Date) Among the most debated topics in the criminology and criminal justice is the deterrent effect of capital punishment. A common hypothesis for pro-capital punishment supporters is that the death penalty serves a better deterrent for homicides than life imprisonment . The United States is one of the numerous industrial nations that persist to put into practice the “death by design”, and one of only four, including Pakistan, Iran, and Congo, which execute minors. Nevertheless, despite the waning worldwide support for the death penalty, American support remains elevated, with 70% of Americans support capital punishment (Protess, 1998). Researcher psychologist Craig Haney disputes that capital punishment, and predominantly the series of events that lead to death sentencing itself, uphold through a multifaceted and detailed social psychological system that distances and extricate us from the true nature of the task. Heavily depending on his own research and that of other social scientists, he proposes that these social psychological forces facilitate persons to take part in behavior from which many of them otherwise would abstain. Nevertheless, by facilitating death sentencing in these ways, this inter-connected set of social psychological forces also destabilize the authenticity and reliability of the process, and compromises the fairness of its results (Steiker 2002). Since these social psychological forces are general in nature - built into the very system of death sentencing itself .Henceforth he concludes by telling a number of inter-locking improvements, derived from experiential research on capital punishment, that are required to increase the reliability and fairness of the process thus questioning the aspect of death sentences. Critics of capital punishment challenge that

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