Criminal Street Gangs

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Criminal street gangs, is it a growing problem or not? Criminal street gangs have been around for years and kids of real young ages are joining. There are many types of gangs in America, from Hispanic gangs, black gangs, Asian gangs, and white gangs. These forms of gangs are known as criminal street gangs and are associated with many forms of criminal activity. The gangs are involved with drugs sales, arms sales, prostitution rings and vehicle theft. These are just a few of the crimes that these gangs are involved with. Gang members can be male or female, young or old and even can be from different ethnic backgrounds. Criminal Street gang membership is increasing, the crimes committed are more violent and many gang members are being imprisoned. Gang membership is increasing and the criminal street gang is recruiting members at young age. The gang acts as a second family to the youth, providing drugs, money and protection. Criminal gang membership increased as much as 40 percent in the United States during the past three years, according to an FBI report released Friday. An estimated 1.4 million people are active in more than 33,000 street, prison and outlaw motorcycle gangs across the country, the report states. That compares to about 1 million gang members when the investigative agency last compiled such figures in January 2009. FBI officials, however, were quick to emphasize that the apparent 40 percent increase in membership may reflect more accurate reporting of numbers, in addition to any sudden swell in gangs' ranks. They said some of the spike could be due to much better reporting by law enforcement officers, an increase in the number of agencies reporting and other administrative factors. (Frieden) 2011 The positives with increasing gang membership are very few. With the increase of gang members comes an increase in crimes. If there is an

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