Criminal Profiling: The Profession Of Criminal Profiling

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Week 2 Candice S. Brooks Instructor: Dr. Nwokoji 4007676 American Public University System CMRJ531 June 16, 2013 The profession of criminal profiling/ offender profiling is defined as a series of investigative techniques used to assess the characteristics of an unknown criminal offender (Devery, 2010). Criminal profiling is based upon the premise that a criminal’s personality and mannerisms actually dictate their daily behaviour as well as their criminal actions. After crime scene evidence is evaluated, the criminal profiler pieces together the information that is known from past criminal acts to include personality traits and behaviours of other criminals who have committed similar acts. The profiler can actually construct a profile by using a description of the characteristics in the suspect. These practices often lead to locating suspects, yet they are still often scrutinized in the media and cause a great deal of controversy. There has definitely been a recent interest surrounding criminal profiling in American pop culture. One of the first documented criminal profiles was in 1956 when James Brussel created the first modern criminal profile examining a series of bombings by the “Mad Bomber”. Brussel had a background in psychiatry and was able to use his deductive predictions about the…show more content…
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