Criminal Minds Essay

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English 15 Essay # 3 Rough Draft November 3rd Criminal behavior What is crime and what makes a person turn into a criminal? The roots of criminal behavior have been heavily debated. Many people think that genes and bad influence make a person turn into a criminal. There are also some people who think age and gender make a person more likely to turn into a criminal. The reason they think age is one of the factors because most of the initial offenders tend to be younger, and the reason they think gender is one of the factors because males are more involved in crimes than females. But the truth is a person doesn’t become a criminal for these reasons, its just day to day life crisis that forces a person to do something that they wouldn’t normally do. The things that makes them turn to crime is there need for their basic needs. Crime impacts everybody either you are directly involved in that crime or you are a victim to one of the crimes. By understanding the causes you might be able to eliminate the criminal behavior but you can never eliminate the crime. The main things a person needs to understand is that they are responsible for their action so they should be careful of what they do. No matter what the situation you should always understand what’s right and what wrong. In this economy where people don’t have day to day needs likes food. The reason there are more crimes in poor countries is because the people in that country are not satisfied with what they have. Most recent example of that happening is in Detroit, because of the Detroit’s situation the crime in that city have increased dramatically. A person who doesn’t have enough food to eat might go to the food store and steal what they want. Most often if a person steals something that person would have likely done that for his or her beloved ones. If a

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