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Criminal Law Essay

  • Submitted by: cara32
  • on December 1, 2012
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Exam #2- Criminal Law
Completed:   11/11/2011
Cara L. Milgate, Law office Study Program
Managing Attorney- Kristy Hernandez
Criminal Fact Pattern
Five college football players were out one night at an away game (Art, Bill, Craig, Dean, Ernie) and out at a bar.   They met a woman (Martha) that evening and Ernie asked her to come back to their hotel to hang out and have drinks with his friends. The guys proceeded to try and convince Martha to have sex with them. She denied their request except for Dean and said she would have sex with Dean but not the others.

Art told Martha that if she was not willing to have sex with all of them then they would have to force her. Martha stood up and said “are you guys serious, what kind of guys are you?” Bill nodded to Art his approval.   Craig, Dean and Ernie just stood there and did not say anything. Martha attempted to walk out the door. Art blocked the front of the door and told Martha could not leave.

Bill suddenly changed his mind and said I can’t do this and none of you should either. Bill then left the room and went to his own room. Bill went to bed and didn’t do anything else.

Art then held Martha down on and proceeded to have intercourse. Craig whom was very drunk said now it’s my turn, after he took off his clothes and about to have forced intercourse with Martha he passed out from the alcohol. Due to the stress Martha passed out. Dean decided that since Martha had agreed and agreed to have sex with him earlier that it would be ok for him to have sex with her. He proceeded to have sex with her while she was unconscious. Right after Dean had sex with Martha, Martha came to. She began screaming. Art, afraid that someone would hear her, took the pillow and started to suffocate Martha and held the pillow over her face until her body went limp, and lay dead. Ernie just watched the whole time and did and said nothing.

Art, Craig and Dean scared, ran back to Bill’s room. Ernie went back to his own room as well....

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