Criminal Law Assessment

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Criminal Law Assessment Jovita Gilliam CJA/354 March 3, 2011 Benjamin Richardson Criminal Law Assessment Crimes are defined by Criminal Law. Rules for trials are established, arrest procedures are set, and specific punishments for offenders are all done through Criminal Law. The following assessment of Criminal Law paper will present the source and purpose of criminal law. This paper will also explain and discuss various areas within Criminal Law and how they fit within the criminal law section of criminal justice. Criminal law serves and protect, this is its purpose. Public morality is expressed through the criminal law system. Expressing public morality is when the law is decided by what is right or wrong by the public depending on the community. Social boundaries are touch through criminal law also. Punishment to a criminal is teaching social boundaries. It makes an example of the criminal that way the community will know what to expect when a crime is committed (Criminal Justice in Action, 2006). There are four major sources of criminal law. First there are constitutional laws, which show laws from the constitution. Constitutional laws govern out society. These laws are a fundamental guideline and set of rules. The next source is administrative laws. Administrative laws form laws that deal with agencies like OSHA, Welfare Commissions, and Social Security Administration (Criminal Law Attorney, 2003-2011). These laws come from regulations and written rules, under limited authority from legislative powers. Then there are the statutory laws that deal with all states. The highest power to create statutory laws comes from Congress legislative branch. Statutory laws must go through a process before being changed or passed. Last are case laws. These laws are decided by the judge, depending on the type of case. Lower courts
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