Criminal Justice Workforce Observation

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For 16 years, I worked as a Sergeant in a maximum-security prison in Ocala, Florida. I spent the majority of the time of my employment there working in the Control Room where this was the center of the security operations. My job in the Control Room was to keep watch over the inmates by watching all the television monitors that are linked to cameras that are located across the prison. I was also in charge of signing in and out weapons that the correctional officers used during their shifts, as well as all movement to and from the Prison. In my position, I was considered middle management. Upper management would come down on us from time to time if they felt that we were not doing things accordingly, or if they were new policy changes and new regulations that they felt we needed to start implementing. Lower management would be the officers who would come to us first when there was a problem or situation that needed to be taken care of by management that was in a higher position then they were. If middle management couldn’t handle what the problem or situation was, then it was taken up to upper management to get the problem or situation handled. The culture of the working in a prison is one that you would not see in your normal office type climate. There were many officers there that were once police officers, as I once was, and treated the environment as if they would if they were working in a police station. There were also many officers who have very huge egos and felt as though they were above everyone because they were in charge of inmates. There were also a few women, who worked in our prison, and they would at times be harassed by the inmates, but they were strong enough women to be able to handle the situation. There was rarely a fun atmosphere during a work shift, because working in a prison, dealing with inmates is very serious business, and you need to be
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