Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

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CJA 394 WEEK 1 Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation John Dow CJA 394 October 01, 2011 Jane Dow Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation The criminal justice system is forever adjusting to protect and serve a changing society. The paper evaluates, identifies and assesses recent future and current trends affecting the criminal justice system. Lastly, it defines the values of the system in a changing society. Recent trends affecting the criminal justice system are related to gender and racial barriers. According to Roslyn Muraskin and Albert R. Roberts (2009 ), assessments of statuses of women and minorities in police work shows that there are obstacles in official and informal structures of police work organizations related to gender and race. Regardless of assessment studies, which show that women are effective patrol officers, organizational principles of law enforcement has repelled the combination of women into patrol officers for more than 20 years. There are three kinds of organizational resistance to slowing down staffing and preservation of female patrol officers. The first organizational resistance is called Technical Resistance. Technical Resistance comprises of failure to adjust police uniforms, gear, and tools sufficiently for women, and constant issues on physical testing, and firearms during their drills, and preperations. The second organizational resistance is named Political and Cultural Resistance. According to Roslyn Muraskin and Albert R. Roberts (2009), Political and Cultural Resistance is facts proving failure to develop child care programs, flexible and gender-neural shifts, and maternity–paternity policies. Other cultural and structural obstacles women correctional officers face in all-male prisons are tokenism, differential treatment, and discrimination by high ranking officers. Some researchers have

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