Criminal Justice System: Grey Areas Of The Criminal System

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Grey area of the Criminal System Different views of Punishment Law is a word that does not have a definition specifically throughout the universal. Law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. The laws are made and voted on by the government, specifically by legislatures. The law encodes politics, society, and economics in countless ways and serves as a social mediator of relations between people. Without laws there will be corruption on earth. Purpose of laws like criminal law is to keep order and protect the people of the communities. We as people have the right to live an uninterrupted life regardless of lifestyles and the way we look. Laws in numerous ways…show more content…
Stop and frisk policing constitutionally confers the civil rights and the American justice system. This practice made the people in the community feel like savages and more or the least degrading. The relationships with the community and the authority were not healthy and did not deter crime in the communities. Law should guide government and citizens behavioral in a morally good direction, rather than a bad direction. Police officers were permitted to briefly stop any individuals but only upon reasonable suspicion that he or she is committing a crime. Not to breed fear in the people of the community. What is that going to solve? Or positively affect the crime rate. United States Constitution Amendment IV states the people have rights from unreasonable search and seizure of one’s person, house, papers, effects, without government interference, and shall not be violated without probable cause or a warrant. Equal protection and security should have been given to the people of the communities, yet Blacks and Latinos where stopped more frequently. Stop and frisk practice was starting to causing troubling disregard towards the fundamental Constitution rights. Several people that have been a victim of this increasingly vagarious stop and frisk action provided legal appeals and statements to end this unlawful,…show more content…
Although the cases and criminal punishments are different, they are similar when it comes to those three different elements of ethics in criminal justice. As I researched the articles and understood in depth the constitutional duty of the criminal justice system to enforce the law, protect the rights of people, and promote and withhold justice are the primary concepts Americans needs for civilization. Although we cannot always rely on the courts to interpret the law correctly or the community to always obey the constitutional demands of the law. We have a moral responsibility as individuals to uphold and treat each other with respect and how you would want to be treated. We have to promote fairness and just law regardless of how one looks, what communities we live in, and what other’s sexual preference is. In the stop and frisk article people were concerned about this type of authority the policemen have and wasn’t allowed to live a peacefully life without being harassed every time they came out into their communities. They were feeling they were being discriminated against which was beginning to feel like slavery in their own communities. These three elements of the criminal justice system ethically allowed the communities to have a voice and speak out on their right they felt was being violated and wanted Justice. The stop and frisk action conflicted with

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