The Criminal Justice System: Flaws And All

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The Criminal Justice system is compiled of different laws, cases, and divisions of law enforcement that keeps the system going. The film, “Introduction to Criminal Justice” outlines a few of those cases and the laws that were relevant to them. The film gives great examples of how the justice system works on a case to case basis. I also shows us that although the system is very effective, it sill has its flaws but nonetheless help maintain a safe society. The president of TYCO used millions of dollars in company money to live a lavish lifestyle he saw fit for a CEO. He, and others within the company, used the money for real estate, art, and other personal items including a six thousand dollar shower curtain. This was an example of a white collar crime. A white collar crime is violations of the criminal law committed by a person of respectability and high social status in his or her occupation. Andrews Chambers, a man who led many drug busts in America was guilty of committing perjury. Perjury is the intentional making of false statements as part of the testimony by a sworn witness in a judicial proceeding on a matter relevant to the case at hand. At first, Andrew was looked at as a hero but his heroism was short-lived when the government found that he’d lied about prior convictions while under oath, in which many were dismissed. The question became, if he lied about his convictions, did he lie about anything dealing with the busts? This was a question because all that was seen of the busts were the last moments that led up to them. Because of his lies, some thought entrapment may have taken place in order to achieve those busts. After people were captured and convicted for participation in the Peruvian Drug Trafficking, many claim to have had there rights violated in prison. Some claimed to have been tortured so they could give information dealing with the
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