Criminal Justice System Essay

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Name Institution Date ANALYTICAL REVIEW OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM The importance of a criminal justice system is unquestionable. It is the body or a branch of operation established by government institutions. It is for the sole purpose of mitigating criminal activities as well as punishing those who break the laws governing the land through offering rehabilitation programs. It is a terrific program which is effective in maintaining social control. The criminal justice system composed of the law enforcement branches, the corrections departments as well as the law courts section. The law court faces challenges and controversies in the past years in question, to their roles and performance. The greatest challenge was in regard to the court’s role in the society issues. This was in perspective of whether the courts should solve society issues or do they simply adjudicate them (Bureau of justice 2008). There was controversy question supporting this argument. Was taking of societal problems certainly fell in the mission stipulated to the court’s functions? The problem was that the court was participating in solving societal issues, which did not, fell in its jurisdiction. An example of cases solved by these courts involved mentally ill and homeless people. Being homeless or mentally ill is not illegal at all under any constitution. However, some of them become apprehended and institutionalized on allegations that they have become a public nuisance. The other problem faced by the court system was that of the court acting as gatekeepers. Some focus groups claimed that the courts act as the gatekeepers for some social or health problems. The problems would be appropriately handled by the relevant departments involved. They include the health care department and department of social services. The focus groups argued that the basic function of the courts was

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