Criminal Justice System Essay

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The Criminal Justice System at an international level is an imperative part of criminal law with the main aim of resolving international disputes, while also attempting to regulate and prevent heinous crimes from occurring on international borders. The international law is an integral component of CJS as it is mainly concerned with the relations between sovereign states and international organisations and has a vital role in preventing crimes such as transnational crimes; human trafficking and international terrorism, and crimes against the international community such as genocide and war crimes. The crimes against the international community are dealt mainly by International Criminal Court (ICC); however transnational crimes are often difficult to prosecute due to the difficulties in trans-border detection and enforcement of criminal laws. The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a permanent international body to hold perpetrators of serious crimes accountable and has been adequately effective at dealing with crimes against the international community because of the ratification of the treaty of Rome Statute, into Australian Statute. As a consequence, any crime against the international community outlawed by the Rome Statute is also criminalised within Australia. Federal government passed the International Criminal Court Act 2002 (Cth) and the International Criminal Court (Consequential Amendments) Act 2002 (Cth), to provide a compulsory enforcement mechanism for the settlement of disputes both internationally and domestically which involves war crimes. However the lack of knowledge and the fact that world’s biggest powers like; US, China and Russia are not signatories to Rome Statute raises various issues as evident within the SMH article 14/02/2012 “ICC deserves help in seeking justice for all” which outlines issues related with limitation of the courts reach

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