Criminal Justice Reporting Systems Essay

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The three crime reporting systems all serve the same purpose but go about their research in different ways. The Uniform Crime Reporting program, or UCR for short, is run by the FBI and provides an annual summary of crime and rate in the United States. Formed in 1930 when congress authorized the U.S. attorney general to survey crime in America. In its first year it received reports from 400 cities in 43 states and has grown to around 18,000 agencies reporting crime today. In 1988 the Uniform Crime Reporting program received a significant upgrade becoming the National Incident Based Reporting System, NIBRS for short. This upgrade changed the type of reporting from summary to incident based and eliminated the “hierarchy rule” used by the original UCR report. This new system is much more specific consisting of 22 general offenses and includes specific details about every reported crime incident that occurs in the United States. The third is the National Crime Victimization Survey or NCVS for short. This survey reports on the unreported. This is done by surveying individuals themselves rather than just information that has been reported to police agencies. The Uniform Crime Reporting program and the National Incident Based Reporting System are both used the same because they are the same report. These systems are used for quantitative measuring of crime. The reports proved exact numbers and percentages that can be used by researchers. Problems lie within this system though. One major problem is that some crimes go unreported, such as social order crimes, white collar crimes, and inaccuracies. However this system provides us with a strong representation of trends of consistently reported crimes such as vehicle theft. On the other hand is the National Crime Victimization Survey. This survey is used to uncover the dark figure of crime in America. NCVS is very successful
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