Criminal Justice/Police Brutality Essay

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CRIMINAL JUSTICE LAW ENFORCEMENT - POLICE FORCE Aug 20, 2011 [pic] INTRODUCTION I chose this topic of police force why it should be reduced because it has been one reason many lives that have been taken unnecessarily by law enforcement. This subject matter is close to my heart because it saddens me each time I have watched the news or read articles where this type of unnecessary force has taken place. As concerned citizens we have all seen cases where police officers have taken matters in their own hands and have abused individuals upon being questioned or arrested. There is a reason for police officers to be carefully and show the force of being in charge as an individual of authority. To be a police officer is to be held at a higher standard since they position. According to the definition of a police is a policeman or policewoman; patrolman or patrolwoman, having an officer ran on a police force. The police officer whether male or female has rank and position, but that position must never be taken out of context. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines and officer as one who holds position of authority, or command in the armed forces. Citizens whether guilty or not should never feel as if their lives could be threatened when being approached by an officer. It seems to be a standard for citizens they tendency to walk in fear of how an officer may or may not approach them. I know personally as an African-American female, I have witnessed police force in my community and times when I have gotten treated unfairly from just getting pulled over for a driving violation in comparison to a white female counterpart. We live in a society where race is sometimes used against you based on how others in that race have performed socially. Police force and race have synonymously been connected for years.

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