Criminal Justice In The Usa Essay

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Criminal Justice in The USA The United States of America has a superior criminal justice system in comparison to other nations. Sometimes referred to as a non-system, our criminal justice system successfully deters and process criminal actions fairly. The United States has a criminal justice system derived from European traditions. In effort to compare and contrast our system with a different country we will travel across the world to Iran. In this essay I will compare the differences of the criminal justice systems of the United States and Iran. This essay will be broken down into the basic building blocks within the system---Police, Judicial process, and corrections. In this essay, I will show that the United States system of criminal justice is superior to that of Iran. The United states has many different types of security enforcers---Police. Within the state district of policing normaly we can divide the jurisdictions between: State Police (within cities), Sheriffs department, and highway patrol. Special enforment sections are divided within the departments for efficency, such as S.W.A.T. and Narcotics divisions. Within the Federal Level of Policing, Federal agencies with power include: FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, DEA, ect. These sanctions are set to deal with crimes on the federal level, which include and crossing and state line or traveling out side of the country. Irans policing bodies are divided different from the United States. Iran has around 60,000 police personnel served under the Ministry of Interior and Justice including border partol personel. There are City Police who are granted jurisdiction throughout their individual city. Each city has a separate a police department, some to include speacialized units such as; the police-110 unit, which specializes in rapid-response activities in urban areas and dispearsing gatherings deemed dangerous to public

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