Criminal Justice Funnel Essay

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Criminal Justice Funnel A courtroom work group consists of the individuals and teams who work together to prosecute successfully a criminal court case. Stated at: A courtroom work group is a social organization consisting of the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, and other courtroom workers. The courtroom work group works together, and guided by ethical considerations, and statutory requirements bound by law (Siegel, Schmalleger & Worrall, Chapter 7, 2011). Every day, the same group of courthouse regulars assembles in the same courtroom, sits or stands in the same places and performs the same tasks as the day before. The workgroup is ready for the panic part of a case. The workgroup work together just in case someone has to move in a place needed a fill in at the last minute. Various techniques are use to convince the defendant that the evidence against him or her is overwhelming. The types of defendants and the nature of the crimes they are accused of committing also remain constant. Only the names of the victim, witnesses and defendants are different. I really do not see many changes needed to take place in the courtroom with the work group. The benefit of developing a relaxed work environment, especially when dealing with felony cases all day long. A prosecutor has many roles to handle. The roles are to investigate crimes, to decide whether or not to instigate legal proceedings and to appear in court. The prosecutor analyzes the case to determine if it is legally and does not have any defects that will get it thrown out of court. Most of the cases are handle with the police to make sure they keep in touch with the witnesses, and the person who is suspect of the crime. The prosecutors determine if cases have sufficient evidence to pursue a conviction. The prosecutor in most counties have a Case Screening Unit that reviews police reports

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